yoomee is inspired by the beauty, the people and the handcraft of marrakech, kathmandu and zurich. Their vision is to preserve the traditional craftsmanship and to build sustainable and personal relationships with their producers. They work directly with street artists, small manufactories and women’s associations.
zahra from al kawtar

the women’s association al kawtar was founded in 2006 and is a non-profit association for women with disabilities. the centre, which is run by zahra, offers all-day care. this includes meals, a room for physical rehabilitation, technical, medical and personal support and embroidery training for girls and women with disabilities who have not learned a profession.

zahra and the girls from the women’s association always offer us a calm space when we are in marrakech. talking and laughing together while drinking tea and eating home made biscuits are always our favorite part of the work day at al kawtar.

zahra offers women the opportunity to be independent in a safe environment and promotes literacy, self-esteem and mental and physical well-being of all members. zahra is a true “goldschatz”!

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