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ROARKE new york was founded in the summer of 2009, when Bergdorf Goodman buyer Laetitia Stanfield started a company that would bring a uniquely independent flair to the contemporary fashion market.Working with talented designers on the buying side at Bergdorf Goodman, Laetitia saw an opportunity in the market for jaw dropping textile accessories that could transform any outfit from day to night.

Laetitia currently lives between the fashion epicenters of New York and Paris, and has been privileged to learn from influential style makers that bold accessories are a sure way to stand apart from the norm. Accessories provide a creative and expressive outlet for Laetitia, each piece being a unique statement. She is inspired by not only the places she travels to, but also by the people she meets and relationships she builds along the way.

Recently, Laetitia’s sister, Selina Stanfield McPherson, joined the ROARKE team as Chief Operating Officer and head of International growth. Selina began her career in San Francisco where she worked for four years developing business and brand strategies for budding entrepreneurs. Selina currently lives between Amsterdam and Paris, building ROARKE’s European presence and managing many aspects of the business and brand.

ROARKE has grown significantly since the creation of the scarf necklace back in 2009. The company started with one style in a variety of colors, and has now expanded to numerous necklace styles, bracelets, headpieces, kaftans and handbags. Their look shows a new approach to textile accessories, and each piece is hand-beaded and made to order.

The production regions where ROARKEs are beaded have their own niche in the embroidery world, with fair trade practices and extremely talented artists. Laetitia and Selina have been working on a new collection that will give back to various parts of the world and communities that need our collective attention and support. Stay tuned for what’s to come!

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