UO* Design Studio

We are Elena and Marta. Friends, architects, partners, and fans of the world of design in general. When we finished the race, we founded ARQUO, a small architecture studio. One afternoon, during the snack on the terrace of the floor we shared, we decided that we had to fill our desire to create new things in some way. It occurred to us to create a creative part within Arquo, which would be called UO. Something as simple as removing the prefix (arq-), at that time, we could not even imagine how fast UO * – so tiny and simple – would give us such great joys.

United by the illusion that made us dedicate ourselves to what we liked most, we started to create products under the focus of “original day-to-day objects with a positive attitude”: wristbands that you always wear on your wrist or socks that help you get started the days with a good foot.

Today UO * is a brand of gift and self-gift products with a lot of attitude. We love to think that all our designs unleash that inner little voice that says “do it”, dare, enjoy, you’re here to be happy “.

We are the ATTITUDE that goes with you. Behind everything there is a great team that works every day to surprise, make you smile and keep offering quality products, original and with a positive attitude. At this point we have done thousands of brainstorms, prepare all the orders with great care and change the Spotify list frequently. Because if we like something, it’s fun!

Little by little, and almost without realizing it, UO is growing thanks to all the people and beautiful stores that trust in our big little project. If you are reading this, you are probably about to enter the universe of the UO ATTITUDE. Thank you for making it possible!

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