Lotusfeet was set up to help promote the creative and beautiful work of Philippine artisans and to support them in their efforts to generate sustainable incomes and fair wages, through maintaining long-term trading relationships and opportunities.

A commitment to Fair Trade, dialogue, transparency, sustainability and growing inclusively is at our core.


Lotusfeet is a social enterprise, empowering artisans of the Philippines. The wholesale business was set up in 2007, with the aim of providing economic security through regular employment and patronage. We have worked in partnership, for over ten years, with eight small family businesses and women’s cooperative collaborating in the design and production of jewellery and fashion accessories, employing Fair Trade working principles and using natural and sustainable materials where possible.

The handicraft industry is a large employer of the skilled and traditional craftmanship of the Filipino artisan. Many in extensive areas of the country depend on the industry for a living but only few are set up as entrepreneurs or direct exporters. We work and partner with smaller independent groups, individuals and families who have set up their own micro and cottage businesses or who were once employed by larger enterprises that are no longer in business.

Others are independent designers and artisans lacking resources or access to international markets and opportunities. Our partnerships have created jobs and training opportunities for marginalised individuals and communities, education, health care access, fair living wages and maintained working conditions.

One of our longest relationships is with a Philippine social enterprise providing sustainable incomes and a safe working environment for a women’s cooperative from a displaced community. Training in jewellery design new skills and manufacture is provided, together with the required materials and equipment. The cooperative enables the women to earn a livelihood in an area where there are very few jobs, while living at home and supporting their families. The cooperative has benefitted many families enabling the children of its members to stay at school, graduate from secondary and even go on and finish tertiary education.

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