maxjenny! is an activewear clothing brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark, that produces outdoor apparel, STREET SCULPTURES, and daily life jersey wear, ONWARD, specifically for women. The outdoor line is seen like actual STREET SCULPTURES that comes walking in the streets and the jerseyline is truly innovative, a.k.a ONWARD. Both two lines is inspired by Zero Waste philosophy and are upcycled collections that embody a strong environmental commitment through design innovation, wearability and function.

Maxjenny´s ethos is to develope sustainable, strong and lifetime performance clothing that fits womans all bodies and lifes all seasons in one. maxjenny! is designed, constructed and run by Maxjenny Forslund.

With her avant-garde work, she is one of the most acclaimed artistic talents in Scandinavia and one of the most innovative fashion- and printdesigners at the moment.

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