Doodle bags

Back in 2013 . . . Nadine had baby Lily. She also worked as an architect. One day Nadine made little Lil’s lunch but an urgent call to come in to the office meant she didn’t have time to feed Lily before dropping her off at her grandma’s house. While applying make-up, packing her work bag and simultaneously putting Lily in to a coat, Nadine couldn’t find a spoon, bib or container for the purée. So grandma ended up buying Lily lunch, and the purée stayed at home.

On the bus to work, Nadine thought of the pre-prepared food pouches and wondered if she could make some to fill with her own food “Then Lily could feed herself – on the go with no mess and I would know EXACTLY what was in the bag! Nadine’s creative architect’s brain started whizzing.

She talked to her cousin Zaid as he worked in a packaging company and he loved the plastic pouch idea too.

They decided to work together to create a clear plastic pouch which was: hygienic and safe easy for small children to hold visually appealing to adults and children dishwasher and hot water safe reusable and recyclable freezer friendly

In September 2015, after lots of testing, DoddleBags was born.

Voici le seul résultat



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