Strong Simplicity

Amsterdam – What started as a dream has become a well-running jewelry brand called Juulry. In 2015, the owner Juul Evers started to design jewelry for her own jewelry line. Juul derives her inspiration for this jewelry from the various journeys she has made. The different countries with their own cultures serve as a great source of inspiration for her jewelery line. She transforms her own ideas, fantasies and inspirations into different designs. Juulry’s jewelry has a minimalist look with different geometric shapes. The necklaces are made of brass material with a layer of silver, gold or pink rosé on top. The earrings, on the other hand, are made of 925 silver, with a gold or pink rose layer on top. At the earrings there are several small series such as the tetris theme and also different minimalistic designs. In its early years, the Juulry brand was sold only in the clothing store of Juul and her husband Alain, StudioAppel67 in the Amsterdam Pijp.

Due to the positive reactions of the buyers Juul slowly expanded by standing on Amsterdam markets, such as the Maker Market, the Local Goods Market, the Swan Market and the Museum Market.

Besides the nice and cozy markets where Juulry can still be found, Juulry has grown to sales points such as Collektiv in The Hague, Blur in Amersfoort, Wen in Amsterdam, Skattejakt in Afferden and many more.

A huge growth and challenge that Juul could only dream of and now has become a reality.

Juul Evers: “We have to enjoy every day, so why not enrich yourself with beautiful jewelry.

Voici le seul résultat



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