3rd Floor

Eleni Papastavrou, founded 3rd Floor in the summer of 2013. Her friends, who up until then were the happy recipients of her handcrafted creations, encouraged her to do so. It was a life altering decision; Eleni didn’t take long to reach. Her degree in Business Administration, and her innate talent for handcrafting, granted her the knowledge of how she must proceed. So, in August 2013 she embarks on her adventure! The city is practically empty of its habitats… Her friends, are also away, enjoying their holidays in various summer destinations, while Eleni stays behind…She is about to realize her dream! Several phone calls to accomplished friends who would later become her team, countless visits to different locations bring her to the 3rd floor of an old building… and that is how it all began!

3rd Floor is about the independent, dauntless, bold but sensitive woman, who defines her own identity. My inspiration behind the brand! Each collection, is a unique artistic expression, of her uniqueness. An ode to her sensuality, a confirmation of everything that she is… and everything that she still aspires to be! In a world I have created from earthly materials, clear semiprecious stones, crisp designs, and simple elegance. We, at 3rd Floor never stop working, we never stop creating, we never stop learning! We don’t like making plans for the future but we most definitely DO set goals! We aim at never ever losing our thirst for work, or our passion for creativity. We aim at always creating something different. Jewelry created with artistry and love which will always take us one step further.. When it’s time for a new collection to come out, you can literally breathe the air of creativity in our workshop! The smell of the materials used blends with our enthusiasm for that which is about to come. Neither toil, nor the disappointment of not being able to produce a design as envisioned, can bring us down because we are always awarded by the complete, end result. We are the 3rd Floor Team, on the 3rd floor of an old building, we make jewellery because we absolutely love it and our story definitely goes on…!Welcome to 3rd Floor!

Our Philosophy 3rd Floor was shaped by the unconventional personality of its creator, Eleni Papastavrou. Her restless creativity turns metals and earthly materials, into resourceful handcrafted creations. Her jewelry and leather accessories perfectly combine roughness with elegance and briskness with grace. Within her creations, free style is subtly transformed into geometrical patterns. Eleni’s designs stand out as they are inspired by the reflection of geometry in everyday life. She has an innate talent to bring to life, metals and earthly, raw materials. She designs, with an almost architectural approach. The outcome projects elegant simplicity, openness, and a youthful audacity. Her art is subversive and carefree, dynamic and unpretentious. Just like the personality of those who choose to wear her handmade creations. 3rd Floor expresses all those who choose to be their true self, without any compromises. Those who aspire freedom of choice, and always live the moment.

The 3rd Floor woman wins you over with her dynamism and inexhaustible energy. With her eagerness to live life to the fullest. Traits she gracefully balances with her liking of discrete elegance and whimsical femininity.

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