Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

About Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

Sally McAdam has been designing acrylic jewellery, enamel pins, patches, accessories and stationery as Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes (HOYFC) since 2006. Sally began by making jewellery to sell to her friends and family, but once she’d gained enthusiasm for design it was difficult to stop her and she now sells online at HOYFC.com and has stockists all over the world. HOYFC HQ is in Sally’s flat in Glasgow, UK, which she shares with her boyfriend Keith and cats Harry and Chi. She is a huge fan of a chocolate biscuit and drinks more tea than is really necessary.

Designing & Manufacturing

Sally likes to use bright colours and elements of pop culture, feminism and nostalgia in her designs. They usually begin life as a paper drawing before being redrawn as a computerised vector. The vector drawing can be used to laser cut acrylic for jewellery, which is then glued together by hand to form the final piece. It is also used for printing, embroidering, mould making, etc to Sally’s exact specifications by one of our expert manufacturers.

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