Vasso Galati

I was born in Athens, as a middle child of three. So, I was escaping into the world of arts for some peace and quiet. My biggest passion was -and still is- the sea, as my parentage is from Mykonos. Designing, painting and creating my handcrafts, I used anything I could find at the shore. I studied arts and design at the “Vakalo” college. Expressing the warm reflection of the Aegean sun, I started creating little items of art-jewels, that were also influenced by the ancient Greek techniques. From 1997, with my team, we keep creating handmade uncommon jewels for a special appearance. We use silver or copper, processed in a special way and combined with certain jewellery threads, giving a completely new impression of these materials. My clients appreciate the unique colours of my work influenced by the bold-bronze colours of the sun, the silvery leaves of the olive trees and the pink-golden sunsets above the Greek islands. By using pearls and precious stones, I create an exciting game of colours giving the impression that my jewellery emerge from the sea depths, out of the arms of Ariadne. My items are unique. Reproduction is possible with small deviations. Highest standards for my handmade jewellery pieces are guaranteed for a reasonable price. My collections are being exhibited since 1999 in Paris, Milan and, every year, in three different exhibitions in Athens. My clientele is spread over Greece, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, the U.S.A., Canada.

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